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Mars square Jupiter

Think It Through

Kelli Fox

Whatever projects or opportunities you two encounter as a couple during these few weeks, make sure that you think things through very carefully before signing any dotted lines or making other commitments of your time and efforts. When you're together, neither one of you is thinking straight. You'll egg each other on and push each other to make fast decisions -- and in this case, fast means risky and not well thought out.

You'll bring challenges on yourselves that could have been avoided if you'd just taken things more slowly and carefully, but doing so will seem almost impossible. You'll both feel too excited, or possibly backed into a corner; you'll think you have to act fast or miss out on whatever opportunity is before you. But remember that things that seem too good to be true usually are. Find ways to bring excitement into your lives now that don't involve long-term or major financial commitments: Make a date to go ride the roller coaster at the amusement park, or see an action flick together. And get your exercise! You can work off a lot of this troublesome energy if you just expend some of it at the gym, which can be a fun date in itself if you work out side by side.

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