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Mars sextile Venus

Making Everyone Jealous

Kelli Fox

During the next couple of weeks, you're the couple that all your friends envy. You're holding hands, cooing at each other, gazing into each other's eyes, laughing at one another's jokes, each marveling at how lucky you are to have this amazing, sweet and sexy person in your life. Your internal radars are blipping and humming during this period, tuning right in to each other's frequencies.

You're both feeling full of energy and desire, affection and appreciation for this person you so adore. Make time for some intimate play, because you're both in the mood and sex is a really fun way to use up some of this energy you've got humming inside you right now! You don't have to spend all your time alone together, holed up in the bedroom, of course; you can also go out with friends and have a great time that way. Going out on the town or to a party will be even more fun than usual, because you're both in the mood to have a great time. Going out dancing together will be especially fun -- but be forewarned that you're going to make everyone jealous as you get closer and closer as the night wears on!

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