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Mars sextile Sun

Get Active

Kelli Fox

Whatever projects face you as a couple, the next couple of weeks are the time to tackle them together. Your combined energies are running high -- much higher than the sum of your two parts -- and you're both feeling motivated. Starting a fitness routine together will go well now, because you're both really into making positive moves toward the future.

A nice, light, healthy sense of competition exists between you at the moment -- just enough to give you that extra kick, but not so much that spats will break out between you. If they do, they'll make you laugh! But in general, you'll be able to work together now like a smooth-running, well-oiled machine. Getting the house cleaned, the cars washed and the yard raked is easier now than usual, too, so take advantage of this energy. A good date now is one that's more active than just dinner and a movie: Go out dancing together, or if the weather is nice, take a walk outside. Go for a bike ride or rent a canoe for a day on the water. Now is also a great time to join a couples' softball or soccer team and get active with other couples looking to have some sporty fun.

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