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Mars sextile Saturn

Keeping Each Other On Task

Kelli Fox

This period is about using your combined energies to get something worthwhile accomplished. As a team, you've got a lot of focus and discipline now. How are you going to use it?

You can tackle big, arduous projects that you might normally avoid because they're too tedious or dull -- such as giving the house a major, top-to-bottom cleaning; tackling your finances and balancing your budget; painting your kitchen, re-grouting your bathtub... Whatever it is that needs to get done, tackle it now. You've got the stamina needed to carry you through, and you can keep each other motivated and on task. And isn't it more fun to work side-by-side with someone you care about, rather than trying to handle things on your own? Even though you'll be expending energy working on your projects around the house, you'll both still have some left over for daily exercise, which is another routine to keep up during this period. You may not exactly enjoy that morning walk or jog, but you can do it with determination now, and when you get through this period in a few weeks with a lot of finished projects under your belt, you'll be glad you stuck to it as well as you did.

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