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Mars sextile Pluto

Plans into Action

Kelli Fox

You know those plans you two have been talking about forever? You know the ones -- taking that dream vacation, starting a new fitness routine, moving to a bigger, better apartment, maybe even buying a new home together. Whatever it is that's been existing solely on the horizon and in your mental file marked 'Someday,' now would be a great time to pull that file folder out and crack it open, exposing your dreams to the light of reality.

You can make some real headway now if you put your heads together. You've got the energy, the assertiveness and the sense of direction that you need to make great things happen. Whatever you accomplish during this period will go under the heading of 'life-changing' in a wonderful way, too, so make it something big, something real, something you both really, really want. If there's any part of your connection with each other that needs an update, now's the time. Talk out those old, tired issues; now you can move past them and create something brand-new that's even more wonderful than what you've had together in the past. All you have to do is make it happen.

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