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Mars sextile Neptune

Pampering Each Other

Kelli Fox

Your relationship feels like a place of real comfort and support, even more so than usual. Whatever happens over the next couple of weeks, you'll want to bring it straight home and talk it over with your sweetie. They're the only one who understands you right now, and you're the only one who gets them.

You're both feeling very tender toward each other -- as if you'd do anything to show your understanding and acceptance of your honey. When you go out on a date during this period, be creative about where you go and what you do. When you give each other a gift or a card now, make it yourselves instead of purchasing something at the store. These little personal touches will really heighten your experience of the connection that you share. You're both feeling more compassionate now than usual, so you want to go out of your way to help each other; since you're both in this mood, there's little danger that either of you will take advantage of it. But don't forget to pay attention to yourselves as well as each other and the relationship. Keep up your exercise routine, but don't push it too hard, because your energies aren't quite as high as usual.

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