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Mars sextile Mercury

A Fun, Fast-Paced Period

Kelli Fox

The next couple of weeks should bring a lot of fun activity and communication to your lives. This is the perfect time to take a trip together and visit a relative or an old friend; it's also a good time to negotiate any business that may be before you as a couple. Conversation flows, so long stretches on the road together or in a plane will be a snap; you'll wonder where the hours went after you've chatted the time away.

And don't neglect your friends during this period. When you two join the party, everyone has a better time, because you're both in such a good mood -- you're talkative, charming, persuasive, and everyone wants to be in your warm, friendly orbit. If you use this period only for social pursuits, it certainly won't be wasted; you'll have a good time together and you'll both feel energized by your connection. But if there's any business to take care of together, don't miss this opportunity. As charming and convincing as you two are right now, you could sell a bicycle to a fish. With this smooth-talking, humorous gift you have, you could really grease the wheels with your loan officer or anyone else you're trying to do business with.

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