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Mars sextile Mars

Teamwork and Physical Activity

Kelli Fox

You make a great team during this period. When you're together, you're both infused with energy. You feel motivated, strong, confident and determined to get things accomplished.

Your sexual energies are running higher than usual now, so that's one fun way to express your connection and burn off some energy; but the next couple of weeks are also the perfect time to tackle physical tasks around the house or get more serious and dedicated about your fitness routine. Use that excess vigor and stamina to clean out the storage shed or wash your cars, or go for a jog together to get your blood pumping. You could also have a lot of fun playing sports together, whether it's on the same team or opposing ones. You're working together well now, and the mildly competitive edge you're operating under at the moment will only help your chances of winning -- and whatever mild, good-natured heckling you might toss each other's way will only make the game more fun! Whatever you do together over the next couple of weeks should focus on teamwork and physical activity, so get outside and start moving.

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