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Mars sextile Jupiter

Social Activity

Kelli Fox

The next couple of weeks could be a hectic period of social activity, high energy and exuberance for you two. You might receive an invitation to a party for the same evening that your sweetie's set aside for dinner with friends, and you'll probably try to do both -- which could leave you feeling tired out at work the next morning. But what fun you'll have in the meantime!

Any slow mornings are probably worth it. You've got extra energy to burn anyway, and getting out of the house together will be more than just simple fun. It could lead you to greater understanding of where your lives are headed, or even to opportunities that you would have missed out on if you'd decided to stay home and play it safe. This is definitely not the time to stay home or keep quiet. So you've got four get-togethers to go to in one weekend -- so what? Put on your snazziest shoes and head on out the door! You might also have a lot of business to take care of together during these few weeks. If so, don't be intimidated about speaking up and asking for the terms you want. People are responding favorably to the two of you, and your greatest gift is bravery.

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