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Mars opposite Venus

Keep Your Cool

Kelli Fox

Is it hot in here? Or is it just you two? Oh, it's definitely you!

The heat that kicks up when you're in the same room together right now is practically visible. You're both feeling extra turned on during this three-week transit and you're both very much in the mood to express yourselves, especially your passions. Of course, if anything stands in the way of that happening -- such as pesky timing issues, like, oh, having to go to work or get things done around the house -- you could feel mighty frustrated. If that happens, just take a cold shower and chill out for a while! If you channel that energy, you can make amazing things happen during your workout or your pickup softball game. But you're both feeling a bit impulsive under the current energy's influence, so rather than keeping your cool when you start to feel sexually neglected, you might jump to conclusions or say the first hurtful thing that comes into your head. Discipline isn't high on either of your lists of proper behavior at the moment, and tensions could run as high as your passions if you don't find an outlet for all those needs and desires. Try to stay cool!

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