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Mars opposite Uranus

Stay Calm and Be Careful

Kelli Fox

You'll set each other off again and again over this three-week period. You're both on edge, feeling touchy, irritable and ready to react to pretty much anything. You're both making mountains out of molehills; there's no sense of perspective right now, and you won't be able to give each other a reality check like you usually do -- because you're both guilty of overdoing it!

You're both feeling itchy and restless, angry and annoyed. You're both spoiling for a fight, whether you'll admit it to yourselves or not. If you are able to keep your tempers under control, which will be difficult, you'll probably still feel off-kilter, because the current energy is all about unexpected upsets, things you just can't anticipate that will take you completely by surprise. So be careful when you go out together now. Drive safely and defensively -- but don't allow yourselves to be too much on the defense with each other. Otherwise, you'll get into flare-ups that will hurt both your feelings and undermine your sense of security in the relationship, and what's the point of that? These phases just happen sometimes, and your best bet is to stay as calm as possible until this energy passes.

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