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Mars opposite Sun

Competitive Energy

Kelli Fox

Boy, do you two have a lot of energy during this period. How you use it is up to you, but here's some friendly advice -- you'll have a lot more fun during these few weeks if you can channel your excess aggressions into something energetic and benign, like a really good workout at the gym, a game of softball with your friends or maybe some good one-on-one time behind closed doors. Otherwise, you're apt to turn your energies against each other, and that won't be any fun for either of you.

Arguments are possible now unless you can keep a lid on it, which is more easily said than done. Even when you're working out side by side or playing on the same team at the softball diamond, you might start competing against each other, if only in your own heads; and while that kind of hot, competitive energy can be a real turn-on for both of you, it also might spark fights. You're on the same team, remember? Both in the softball game and in your relationship. During these weeks, it'll be easy to forget that. Try to let annoyances roll off your backs this week; if you can do that, you won't create any messes now that will just have to be cleaned up later.

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