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Mars opposite Saturn

Pushing Buttons

Kelli Fox

Since you two know just which buttons to push when it comes to getting under each other's skin, this period could be a sticky one. When you get together now, you've both got short fuses; you're feeling touchy and on edge, ready to react to even the smallest of provocations. Neither one of you is as able or willing as usual to take things in stride, and you've got very little sense of humor about irritations now.

Deep down, you're both worried about being under the other's thumb in some way; you're feeling suspicious that you're being patronized or taken advantage of. But what you may not realize is that your sweetie is feeling the same way, and you're coming across to them exactly how you don't want them to treat you. Well, you'll just have to muddle through these few weeks as best you can. Expect arguments, or at least hurt feelings. You're also less able than usual to get out your feelings and issues in any efficient way; you're both feeling bottled up, as if you can't possibly talk things out in any satisfying way. So, clearing the air is out, for the time being. That will have to happen in a few weeks, when you're both feeling more solid, calm and emotionally stable.

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