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Mars opposite Pluto

Feeling Frustrated

Kelli Fox

You two need to take a chill pill this week, because you're both feeling frustrated and upset with the relationship, and you're likely to take it out on each other. What you should do is simply talk it out and listen to each other; if you could do that, you'd find that things aren't nearly so dire as they currently seem. But when you get together during this period, neither one of you will be operating on rational levels.

Instead, you're both responding to subtle signals telling you that your connection is suddenly difficult, not the easy, sweet and free-flowing bond you're used to. Again, a good response to this kind of frustration and anxiety would be to be aboveboard about it, but that's probably not what either one of you is going to do now. Instead, you're in a space to behave manipulatively instead of straightforwardly; to obsess over things instead of just getting them out into the open. This troublesome energy could extend outside the bounds of your connection with each other; if you're trying to get something done as a team, you could feel blocked in your progress -- even if that's not happening at all. Just try to keep your cool, and don't take out your frustrations on each other.

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