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Mars opposite Neptune

Cloudy Judgment

Kelli Fox

Don't get into any speculative business ventures together over the next few weeks, and don't make any major purchases until you have a knowledgeable third party look things over for you first. At the moment, two heads actually aren't better than one. The energy that's currently at work in your relationship is obscuring reality whenever the two of you get together, and one way or another, it's likely to lead to bad decisions.

Maybe you're dreaming big as a team now, both wanting to leap right out there and make those dreams happen, thereby neglecting important preliminaries like research, background checks and cost comparisons. Or maybe things are a little darker than that. You might both be under the sway of nameless fears for the next few weeks, anxieties that will confuse your sense of what's really going on and why. The desire to escape is strong now, because neither one of you wants to do the work of untangling the confusion and facing reality -- and perhaps having to give up a dream. You could easily support each other's fears and encourage each other to avoid your responsibilities, so keep things simple until this energy passes.

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