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Mars opposite Mercury

A Prickly Pair

Kelli Fox

Whew -- there's some seriously touchy energy crackling between the two of you this week, and not in the sense of touchy-feely. No, this is the irritable variety of touchiness; it seems like every time you two get together these days, at least one of you is grouchy, and both of you are ready to get into it at the slightest provocation! Even if you have the best of intentions -- staying calm when you get together for a date, and being sweet -- there's just something that gets your backs up as soon as you set eyes on each other.

Don't worry; it'll pass. The current energy is in residence for a few weeks, tops, and then it'll blow through. In the meantime, though, you'll have to tiptoe around each other if you want to get along at all. It seems like you don't agree on anything at the moment; even small issues, like which movie to see or where to go eat, cause flare-ups. If there are any issues that have been bothering either one of you lately, this will be especially true; this kind of energy can have a way of bringing things to a head. Maybe, in the long run, that'll be a good thing. In the short run, it won't be much fun. Try to keep your head, and don't say anything you'll really regret.

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