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Mars opposite Mars

A Frustrating Connection

Kelli Fox

Making time to chill out, relax and collect your thoughts is going to be difficult but essential for both of you during this period. And it may be something that each of you has to do on your own, because for the moment, some seriously aggressive and frustrating energy is at work in your relationship. Whenever you two get together this week, you're both just instantly in a defensive frame of mind, ready to fight -- even if there's nothing really wrong.

It'll sure feel like something's wrong; things just seem out of kilter between you, and you're both taking the 'when in doubt, shove' approach to problem-solving. Rather than staying calm and patient and talking things out, you're both much more apt right now to yell it out, to hurl accusations and projections rather than listening to what your sweetie is feeling and thinking. Issues like jealousy, possessiveness and other challenges could rear their ugly heads now, making each of you behave in ways that later you'll look back on with regret. All of which is why your best bet might just be to spend a few days apart, meditate if you can, and hold on to all the myriad reasons why you care about each other.

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