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Mars opposite Jupiter

My Way or the Highway

Kelli Fox

Your connection feels hectic during this period. When you get together, your energies run funny; you'll be up, even antsy, but your sweetie will seem down, or vice versa, and you'll both feel on edge as a result. Self-righteousness is running strong now, which could cause annoyance, arguments or even hurt feelings.

You both think that your own way of doing things is not only the best way, but the only way; this could lead to a battle of wills, and will at least make you both feel like you have to do everything yourselves if you want it done right. You might feel overworked and under-appreciated as a result, but if so, it's a feeling you're most likely bringing on yourself. For one thing, you're working too hard, but not efficiently enough. Teamwork would get you further in your efforts, but it could be difficult to make that happen now. You'll probably find it hard to agree on much of anything at the moment; you're both feeling very passionate about your own points of view, and unwilling to bend or open your minds enough to see things the other person's way. It could be difficult to get along now, but take heart: This period will be over in a couple of weeks.

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