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Mars conjunct Uranus

An Exciting Phase

Kelli Fox

This period of a few weeks could be just the injection of excitement and spontaneity your relationship needs -- or it could make you feel seriously insecure, as your bond takes twists and turns that are completely unexpected. It's up to you how you experience the energy of this period, but either way, it will at least be an exciting phase! You're both feeling just a little bit rebellious.

You want something to shock and amaze you about your sweetheart, about the bond that you share -- you want to be shown that, however long you've known each other, there are still secrets to uncover about each other. Making plans probably won't work out very well now; instead, play it by ear, and follow where your urges take you. Scheduling an evening or a weekend would only lead to broken plans, so just leave your time open. Your impulses will take you where you want to go. Now, do be careful that you don't do anything too rash or impulsive! This is the kind of energy that could make some couples elope, or break up, or get into a sudden argument for no reason other than an excess of energy. If you're in the mood for something new, make it fun and experience it together.

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