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Mars conjunct Saturn

You Can't Do It All

Kelli Fox

Don't be too hard on each other or yourselves during this period of a few weeks, because your energies are running low for things like fun, exercise and other usually lighthearted activities. You've both got some work to do -- maybe even too much on your plate -- and that's what you're focused on now. That sweet feeling of romance and the sizzle of passion that normally spice things up between you so nicely may just have to take a back burner now to whatever it is that you have to get done, and that could feel a bit frustrating, or even depressing.

Part of the problem is that you're putting too much pressure on yourselves to do it all -- to work hard, to get it done, to go above and beyond. And, oh yeah, to keep your romantic relationship going strong in the meantime as well. You can't do it all; you heard it here first. Instead, pick the most important projects and focus on them, putting in a good effort until you've made real progress. Don't try to take on anything new now, and excuse yourselves from your normal, funny, lighthearted way of interacting with each other. The fun part of your relationship will return in a few weeks, don't worry!

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