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Mars conjunct Pluto

More Like Enemies than Lovers

Kelli Fox

You could really get on each other's nerves during this period, because you've got two clashing agendas and you're both pushing hard for yours to be the one that wins out in the end. Your sexual passions are on high now, just like your emotions and your deep urges to have things your own way. Thus, this could be a very intense time of ups and downs, one in which you feel closer than you thought possible one minute but then like enemies the next.

To tell you to stop trying to control each other wouldn't work; these are deep feelings and compulsions that you're under the sway of, and it would take a lot of willpower and brutal honesty with yourself to realize what you're doing and why. Your best bet for dealing with this troublesome energy might just be either to spend some time apart or do active things together -- activities that will work out some of your energy and aggression. If you're playing team sports together, playing on opposite teams could get tricky; your competitive spirits are decidedly at the forefront now. If you can possibly work together, that would be best, because you need something to remind you that you're a couple, not adversaries.

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