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Mars conjunct Neptune

Insecure and Indistinct

Kelli Fox

Any hurt feelings that occur during this period may simmer beneath the surface for a time before bubbling over, as you're both feeling a bit out of sorts with each other and neither one of you is certain what to do about it. Normally you're able just to talk or fight things out and move on. Now, things are seeming more nebulous and vague.

Neither one of you will have a strong sense of how to deal with things -- what to say, what step to take next -- so you'll probably do nothing. This could make the relationship feel stagnant and uncertain, as if you can't trust that you're actually moving forward together. And for a week or two, you may not be. You're both sending out mixed signals; neither one of you is seeing or hearing each other clearly. Try not to keep secrets from your honey now. Even the innocuous ones will be more hurtful than usual, because they'll only add to the feeling of instability that reigns between you for the moment. Your dates now should focus on something imaginative; that, at least, would be a good focus for all this abstraction. Go see a movie or take in an art exhibit; you may even find that your head feels clearer when you do.

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