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Mars conjunct Jupiter

Egging Each Other On

Kelli Fox

You two are running together on some high energy during this three-week period. You're both in the mood for a great time, and you're very much into being social -- but don't be surprised if your friends have a hard time keeping up with your loud laughter, mile-a-minute conversations and general breakneck pace. You two might be better off just hanging out together, because you could actually get on your other friends' nerves.

But for just the two of you, all this garrulous energy is a really fun treat! You want to do and see it all, and you should make time to go on a fun, impromptu road trip or do something else that's different and eye-opening. Be careful, though; you're having such a great time together now that you could easily push each other just a little too far, in the name of heightening the fun and pleasure another notch. The energy you're operating under now is the kind that could inspire you to do a triathlon together, and then pull a muscle; or to go on a weekend-long shopping spree, maxing out your credit cards well before Sunday afternoon. Try to keep a handle on reality, and don't egg each other on so much!

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