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Jupiter trine Uranus

A Touch of Brilliance

Kelli Fox

All of a sudden, everything seems new, starting with your connection with each other! It's as if you're both looking at life through brand-new eyes, and perhaps you are. New and interesting things certainly do seem to happen these days.

New people are coming into your life, too -- people you meet through friends, or through a project you're all working on together. Expect them to be surprising and engaging, and to ultimately help open your perspective even wider. Speaking of projects, now is a great time to work on something together. When you're united as a team, your ideas are out there -- in the best way! Your thinking is elevated now; new, brilliant ideas are zipping your way like lightning bolts. You can push each other to really get out there, to think bigger and bolder than either of you thought possible last week, or even yesterday. This period should really be about that: broadening your minds and your perspective to include people, experiences and emotions that you weren't even aware were possible.

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