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Jupiter trine Sun

Keep All Eyes Open

Kelli Fox

Your relationship is blessed for the next few months with a sweet, expansive and adventurous energy, one that prompts you to get out of the house and mingle with the world around you. You're both in the mood for parties and get-togethers with friends, but you're also interested in meeting new people in brand-new venues. This would be the perfect time for a vacation to someplace neither of you has ever been before.

Both of you will soak up the new experience like sponges soak up water. But if you can't afford the time or the cost, there are still plenty of ways to bring that energy into your lives at home. You're both interested in learning and teaching now, so taking an interactive class together in a subject that's new to you would be a wonderful way to combine these urges. You could even take a foreign language class that will be useful sometime in the future, when you can afford to take that trip! Whatever you do together now should turn out successful, because the current energy brings with it opportunities you can't even anticipate until they're right in front of you. So keep your eyes open. Wonderful things could happen in the near future.

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