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Jupiter trine Saturn

A Solid Approach

Kelli Fox

Anything you work on together should come together well during the next few months. Whether it's a new business endeavor, a project around the house or even the relationship itself, your efforts are solid. You both feel balanced about what you're trying to do: You know the steps, you know how to take them and you don't feel overwhelmed.

You both feel as if you can follow your course as a couple without undue trouble. This period may mark a time when you're less into going out on the town or getting together with friends; the current energy is a focused one that may make you feel less social than usual. If so, that's okay. Let everyone know you're fine and you'll be back soon, and then take the time you need to just be yourselves, away from the eyes, questions and input of your friends and family. If you are working on a project outside the relationship itself, such as launching a business, this is a great time to teach someone else the tricks of your trade. You could take on an intern at the office, or take a younger family member under your wing, teaching them about craftsmanship and teamwork as you erect that storage shed behind the house.

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