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Jupiter trine Pluto

Making Positive Progress

Kelli Fox

You two are newly in touch with the power that comes from your connection, and you can achieve amazing things over the next few months as a result. Pay attention now, and your knowledge will increase. You're both soaking up information like sponges, and when you put your heads together you can really connect some dots.

You're also making great impressions on people in a position to help you, such as loan officers, realtors and the like. Whomever you need to impress to move forward on your projects, now you can make it happen. Try not to be purely self-motivated during this period, though. Your best results will come when you work not only in your own interests, but for the community around you. For example, if you're meeting with architects to discuss building a house, find one that employs green building techniques to ensure that your future home has a soft impact on the environment. If you're taking a class together in a new subject, you can bring your knowledge home and teach a friend all the things you've learned. This period should be about getting in touch with your power as a team in order to make positive progress.

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