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Jupiter trine Neptune

Making Dreams Come True

Kelli Fox

During this period of a few months, you should take some time to get in touch with the ideals you share as a couple. Talk about your hopes for the future, regarding the relationship as well as your lives: What is the best life you can envision for yourselves as a team? Discuss it openly with each other, because the current energy is the kind that rewards honesty and optimism.

If you put it into words, it will become that much more real. If you believe that you can achieve your dreams, then now you will; at the very least, you'll make huge strides together in that direction. You should talk about your dreams together now, too -- meaning, the dreams you have at night, when you're asleep. You could discover something amazing about yourselves and each other when you pay careful attention to the part of your lives that plays out when you're asleep. You may also feel an urge now to become more spiritual in a formal way; if so, this is the perfect time to seek out a spiritual group that speaks to you on a personal level. You'll also notice yourselves feeling more compassionate, wanting to reach out to others and nurture them. Doing so as a team will really make you feel fulfilled.

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