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Jupiter trine Mercury

Stay Motivated

Kelli Fox

If you can keep each other motivated during this period to stay active, both mentally and physically, then you'll take great strides together toward expanded horizons and your success as a couple. Sounds grand, doesn't it? Everything about this energy is grand -- if you consciously take advantage of it.

If not, this will be a pleasant period of a few months, but you won't have much to show for it when the energy passes. Taking advantage of this influence means purposely doing things to expand your own horizons: Take a trip together, or a course in an interesting subject. Make plans to turn something you've always dreamed of into a reality, such as building a house or launching a business. Optimism is a big plus of this period, but it's hard not to feel good about the work you're doing and the connections you're making -- when you apply yourselves, things will have a wonderful way of working out. You've got a unique combination, and a rare one, of big-picture perspective and a collective eye for details, and that means you can make precise steps toward your shared vision of your glorious future as a couple.

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