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Jupiter trine Mars

A Potent Combination

Kelli Fox

You're both feeling good now. When you get together during the next few months, you'll feel infused with energy, as if anything is possible. And in truth, it is.

As long as you two work together, you really can achieve just about anything you put your minds to. If you have big projects in mind, you should certainly take advantage of this beneficial energy, as it only comes around once in six years, and it only sticks around for a few months. So get started on those projects, whatever they are. What have you been dreaming of together? Planning a trip around the world? Building a house, or a business? Think big now, and put it in the works. You're both feeling ambitious and optimistic, and that's a great combination. Good thing there's two of you, too -- because the tendency with this transit is to push the boundaries, which is a great thing up to a point. Working together, you can keep each other in line! The occasional reality check isn't a bad thing during this period, but in general, if you can dream it up, you can make it happen. It's a good time for money matters. Ask for that loan, or negotiate a contract to your liking.

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