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Jupiter trine Jupiter

Do as You Please

Kelli Fox

The next few months find the two of you in a much kinder, gentler and more optimistic space with each other. Projects you've been dreaming of or working on together suddenly seem to fall into place, perhaps even without much effort on your parts. This period may bring a much-needed respite for the two of you -- a natural, pleasurable slowing-down of your energies and your schedules that leaves more time for relaxing and having fun.

It's a great time to get together with friends to laugh and talk and reaffirm your connection, or to stay home together and enjoy each other's company one-on-one. Your focus as a couple now should be on doing whatever it is that feels right, whether that's relaxing, getting out of the house, tackling a project together or anything else you're interested in. You're both into absorbing new information now, so everything from watching films to speaking with new acquaintances to taking classes together is a great experience for you both now. You're likely to make new friends during this period, ones that will open your eyes in a wonderful way to the limitless possibilities that the world holds for you.

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