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Jupiter square Venus

Enjoying YourselvesMaybe Too Much

Kelli Fox

Don't expect a lot from yourselves when you get together during this period, because your minds and energies are focused much more on a pleasant, relaxed interaction than on hard work, difficult decisions or serious discussions. Rather than tackling problems as a team, you'd rather just avoid them at the moment. Together you're perfectly happy to pretend that all is well in the little universe that is your relationship...and for the moment, all may be well.

You're both feeling good about each other, and you both want to get along. This is the perfect time to take a pleasure trip together, or if you can't get out of town, to go out on dates to restaurants you both love or to movies that will make you laugh. You just want to enjoy each other and your time together, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But don't be surprised if, in a few months, the same problems you had together before this pleasant transit began are still there -- and possibly even worse, for being ignored for so long. Also, don't be surprised if the current period inspires you both to spend too much money, or leaves you both with some extra weight to work off at the gym.

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