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Jupiter square Uranus

Usher In Positive Change

Kelli Fox

If your relationship feels stuck in a rut, rest assured that you'll wedge yourselves out of it by the end of this period -- but whether you'll do so in a positive way or a disruptive one remains to be seen. You're both feeling itchy and restless, and you're likely to start noticing more and more that the little things about your relationship that represent commitment and routine start to bug you both -- even if they're sweet things that you love about your bond, like making sure you kiss each other every night before you go to sleep. Suddenly, you don't want to kiss; you'd almost rather start a fight, if only it means a change in the routine!

And herein lies the potential for trouble with the energy that's currently influencing your relationship. You might both think that switching things up is the only answer -- changing anything and everything about the way you relate as a couple. But little routines like kissing before bedtime? That's the kind of thing that should stay in place as an anchor for your love and commitment. You can usher more positive change into your relationship by trying out a new restaurant together or taking an impromptu weekend trip out of town.

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