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Jupiter square Sun

For the Right Reasons

Kelli Fox

All of a sudden, you two think you can do anything as a team, and while it's wonderful to have confidence in your combined abilities, you also need to keep a realistic perspective -- if only so that you won't let other people down. You might head up a group project together, for example, but secretly it's more out of wanting to look good than out of a genuine desire to help. You also might spend way too much money on each other and your own pleasures, not realizing how sharply you'll feel the overindulgence later.

Basically, the next few months will be one test after another of your discipline as a couple. Can you keep each other in line rather than egging each other on to greater and greater heights of excess? Can you put your energies into a project for the right reasons, or will you let arrogance lead you? The laziness and mutual overindulgence that are possible with this transit could easily take over, making it hard get much of anything accomplished. Will you let that happen? It's up to you. You're both feeling optimistic about your bond and your future together, and that's a good thing. But excess can happen before you realize it, so be careful.

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