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Jupiter square Saturn

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Kelli Fox

You might feel like you're stuck together between a rock and a hard place over the next few months. You're both feeling some level of internal tension resulting from a need to pare things back in your relationship -- maybe the amount of money that you spend as a couple has become excessive, or maybe you've been spending too much time going out on the town, partying hard with people that you don't exactly care about. The time has come to get a little more serious and make some conscious decisions about how you spend your resources like time and money when you're together, but the process of making those changes could be a bit rough.

You might not want to change, even if you recognize that it's time. Or, you might want to change but not know how. Or, perhaps worst of all, you might know that change is needed, but you're not sure what to change or why. The good news is, you're in this together, and you can and should work on this adjustment as a team. If you find yourselves confused about the source of this newfound tension in your relationship, take some time to talk about it together and decide on a course of action you both can live with.

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