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Jupiter square Neptune

A Chance to Learn

Kelli Fox

The sweet, warm and cuddly dreams that you two have for your relationship and your shared future will be tested during this period, but that doesn't mean that they aren't valid -- and it definitely doesn't mean you should just give up your ideals when the going gets rough. The next few months are about putting your romantic notions of the perfect relationship, the perfect life together, on the line, and seeing how they hold up. Sure, you might need to make some adjustments here and there when you find out that your ideals are just that -- theories formed precisely because they hadn't been tested by real life.

But your real test as a couple is not to become completely disillusioned when reality gives you a little slap on the wrist. You can change your idea of perfection in relationship; you don't have to turn to escapist or defeatist behavior to deal with the disappointment. If you can keep your chins up and remain flexible during this period, you'll come through it a much stronger couple with a much more realistic perspective of what's possible between you, and what you can achieve together in the future.

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