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Jupiter square Mercury

Let Others Have the Stage Too

Kelli Fox

You'll both feel infused with new energy over the next few months, as new ideas occur to you and broaden your perspective of your relationship and even of life itself. You're both in the mood to be social, but your friends might actually find you a bit hard to take at the moment. When you're together, you're just so absorbed in each other and your own, combined point of view!

After all, it's wonderful that you feel like you're figuring out big, important things about each other and your connection -- but do you really think your friends, your coworkers and the lady at the grocery store checkout counter really want to know about it? They've got their own problems and epiphanies to keep them busy, without having to ooh and ahh over yours. So try to be a little more self-controlled when it comes to all the amazing things you're figuring out about love, life and relationships. You might even find that -- gasp -- you learn something even more amazing when you keep your mouths shut and your ears open in social situations. And your friends will definitely appreciate getting a chance to present their own opinions, without having to fight to be heard!

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