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Jupiter sextile Venus

Boosting Your Connection

Kelli Fox

You two will go through a veritable renaissance of love over the next few months, so enjoy yourselves! All of a sudden, the friendship underlying your connection comes to the fore. You both realize that not only are you attracted to each other; not only do you feel a sense of commitment, of togetherness, of kinship; you also just really like each other.

You make each other laugh. When your sweetie talks, you listen, because you want to know how they see things. And you support each other as best friends do. A new feeling of energy and interest is sparking up your bond, making it easy to remember all the wonderful things about your connection. You're both more able than usual to overlook the things that bug you, which might be a welcome respite if you've been going through tough times together of late. Now, don't expect a lot of yourselves over the next few months, unless some concurrent transit really boosts your energy. While this energy sweetens your connection, it also makes you lazy; you'd rather relax together than stick to your exercise routine or put in your full eight hours at work. Oh well -- it'll be a lot of fun, and should strengthen your relationship.

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