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Jupiter sextile Uranus

Break Out of Your Routine Together

Kelli Fox

You're both feeling a little bit restless, wanting to break out of the routine you've slipped into as a couple -- not in a major, disruptive way, but in one that you should pay attention to. After all, even the best relationships can grow stagnant without either party realizing it. You don't want that to happen, do you?

Use the energy of this period to revitalize your connection and make things feel new and exciting again. Your mutual need for change is a positive thing, one that will make you both more aware of each other as individuals and of your bond as a couple. You may have simply forgotten that you're individuals, rather than two halves of a whole. Now is the time to get back in touch with that individuality, and to do it as a team. Each of you should ask yourselves: Is there anything you wish you could do together that you normally don't speak up about? If so, voice it now -- and be sure to honor your sweetie's ideas for a new and different kind of date or experience for you to share. Resisting the energy of change will only delay the process of breathing new life into your relationship -- and it could make the process more difficult when it does finally happen.

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