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Jupiter sextile Sun

Step Outside the Bubble

Kelli Fox

It's time to step outside the little bubble of your relationship and interact as a couple with the world around you. The next few months are all about expanding your perception of what life's all about and what's possible for the two of you. To this end, it's a great time to travel together.

For maximum eye-opening potential, make it someplace neither of you has ever been before, because your best experiences and opportunities now will come through active learning -- getting out into the world together, interacting and absorbing all you see and feel. Good luck will come your way during these months, too, or at least what will seem like good luck. It's really just your heightened sensitivity to favorable circumstances. You recognize an opening of some kind, and you walk through it together, hand in hand. One thing to focus on during this period is the need for freedom. You both need to let your minds wander where they will, uninhibited by restrictions like a strict schedule. Keep your time together as unstructured as possible; that way you can go where the wind blows you, and happen upon all those wonderful opportunities that are out there waiting for you.

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