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Jupiter sextile Saturn

Truly a Team

Kelli Fox

Over the next few months, you'll enjoy a balanced view of your relationship -- one that is both optimistic and practical. Rather than being idealistic about what you can achieve together, which often leads to disappointment down the line, now you're realistic about your bond. You know what you want to achieve together and how to make it happen, and this period offers you the perfect opportunity to set your goals in motion.

You can make solid plans together now, ones that are based in a clear sense of reality and a willingness to really apply yourselves to the task at hand. This period could be a trust-building one for you both, because it will show you that you're both invested and involved in the relationship. You're truly a team now, and you should take advantage of this dynamic. Examine the hopes and goals you have as a couple. Which ones are realistic, and which ones are little more than pipe dreams? Discard the pipe dreams, but make the workable ones a reality. If you apply yourselves and your energies throughout this period, you'll come through it a stronger, closer couple, and you'll be much closer to the relationship and the life you've been dreaming of.

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