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Jupiter sextile Pluto

Be Proactive

Kelli Fox

This period of a few months should be about sharing and growth as a couple. This is not a time to be selfish regarding either your resources or your opportunities; you should let each other in on whatever goodness comes your way, and enjoy your bounty together. This sharing spirit should also extend outside the confines of your relationship, because now is your chance to have a real, positive effect on the world.

You're both more in touch now than usual with the power of your connection, and you can use that power to make things even better between you. The changes you make now will benefit your relationship directly, but you can also have an influence on other people if you try. If an opportunity arises to take charge of some project as a couple -- such as heading up a committee for an organization you belong to together, or throwing a fundraiser event for a cause you both believe in -- take it, and throw yourselves into it. The combination of your brains and energies will be formidable! And working as a team will really build and strengthen your connection. Don't let this period pass you by; being proactive can bring about some really wonderful changes.

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