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Jupiter sextile Neptune

Incorporating Ideals with Reality

Kelli Fox

The next few months should focus on fulfilling the ideals you share as a couple -- but you'll both have to try not to ignore the limitations that exist between you, because ignoring them can only lead to disappointment or even failure down the line. On the other hand, don't worry too much about limitations or possible failure, because the current energy is meant to put you in touch with your most patient, loving and compassionate selves so that you can step forward into your shared future from a place of tenderness. This period of your relationship may mark an increase in your spiritual search for truth; you might want to join some sort of consciousness-raising group together, to get in touch with the side of yourselves and your bond that isn't tangible or even easily explained.

It's a good thing to focus on finding meaning together, but you can achieve the same thing through turning your newly increased compassion outward toward other people. If you feel an urge to help out someone less fortunate than you, or to donate your time or money to an organization that needs it, then do so as a team. You'll learn a lot about yourselves and your values as a couple in the process.

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