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Jupiter sextile Mercury

Launch Those Plans

Kelli Fox

The next few months are all about planning, networking and making decisions as a team. You should get out into the world together and talk to as many different people as you can, because you'll not only have a lot of fun, you'll also learn more than you might think possible -- and through communicating with other people, you'll happen upon truly lucky opportunities. You're projecting a great image as a couple now.

You're coming across to others as funny, passionate and perceptive, and you're really inspiring their trust as well as their urge to help you get where you're trying to go. If you've got any business to handle together that involves signing contracts or getting higher-ups in your corner, that should go well now. You're really an impressive duo at the moment! You could just have fun together, but starting a project would be the best way to take advantage of this energy. You're both feeling quite optimistic about the future, and you can turn this optimism into a positive outlook on the work you'll do together. So start thinking: What is it that you want to accomplish as a couple? Talk it out together and then get started.

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