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Jupiter sextile Mars

The Energy Is in the Initiative

Kelli Fox

The two of you will feel a boost of energy over the next few months, energy that you should certainly take advantage of because this transit is rare and its possible effects are positive indeed. This period is all about working on projects together. Whatever your goals are as a couple, you can make them happen, even if they've always seemed like little more than pipe dreams -- but you do have to act.

You can't just sit around together, waiting for good things to fall into your lap. The energy is in the initiative now; getting out there and setting things in motion through your combined force of will and determination sets off a kinetic reaction of events that, in this case, should turn out really well for you and your relationship. And doing so should be easy. You've both got a lot of ideas for what you want to do and how you want to do it, and your ideas are in tandem. You can truly work together now rather than at cross purposes, and teamwork really makes things happen. You can give each other support and encouragement for your efforts, and doing so will truly be a team-building exercise. So get out there and make your best dreams a reality!

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