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Jupiter sextile Jupiter

Stronger as a Team

Kelli Fox

This energy should go a long way toward smoothing over the more difficult transits that may be affecting your relationship now, and if this is the main energy influencing your life together for the next few months, then so much the better! This period is all about balance and support. Whatever you attempt as a couple, you should be able to pull it off without a hitch.

Your projects go well now, whether they involve something smaller-scale, like a weekend collaboration on a new back yard fishpond, or something more major, such as launching a business or other enterprise together. You're great at tuning in to opportunities over the next few months, much more so than usual. In this case, two heads really are better than one, because you can each alert the other to things the other might have overlooked or misunderstood, making you stronger now as a team than you would be working alone. But you do have to reach out for the positive effects of this energy. If you don't, you should have a pleasant few months together. If you do reach out actively toward any opportunities that arise, you can make great things happen.

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