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Jupiter opposite Venus

Indulging Yourselves

Kelli Fox

Stay away from art galleries, furniture superstores and interior design firms for the next few months, because you're both in the mood to beautify your lives and neither one of you has the self-restraint needed to make that a very good idea at the moment. You're both in the sort of mood where you walk into the grocery store needing three items, and come out with ten bags full of sweet, calorie-dense foods that have zero nutritional value -- and you don't even notice till you get home that you forgot the original three things you set out for! Now, to be clear, the next few months probably won't be difficult ones for you.

No, the difficulty will come later, once the current self-indulgent, extravagant energy has passed and you've both put on a few too many extra pounds, and spent a little too much in the process. Then you'll have to step up your fitness routine, go on a diet and set a strict budget -- but who cares? That's many moons ahead! For now, you both just want to enjoy yourselves in any way that seems appropriate in the moment. Just don't be surprised when your jeans don't fit right and your credit card bill is way bigger than you expected.

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