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Jupiter opposite Sun

Convinced of Your Own Power

Kelli Fox

Over the next few months, the two of you will throw out a lot of energy, perhaps without a lot of return. In social situations, you'll nearly trip over each other in your rush to talk -- to voice your opinions on any subject that arises, to tell stories and answer questions, and to demonstrate in general how smart and well-informed you are as a couple. If you slow down just a bit, you might notice how quiet the room has gone -- you're putting on such a show that neither one of you is noticing the fact that other people want a little stage time too!

Oh well; at least you're having fun together. This period is about excessive behavior, but it should also be a learning experience. You may spend too much and overdraw your accounts, but if you do, you can bet you'll learn from your mistake -- at least, once this energy passes! The current energy isn't overly intense, though, so while you may create a few hurdles for yourselves by being a little too full of yourselves or overly convinced of your own power, things shouldn't go too badly. Again, in the end, you'll be able to look back on these months and see where you went wrong, and correct yourselves in the future.

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