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Jupiter opposite Saturn

Proceed With Caution

Kelli Fox

It's easy to misjudge things now. You might both feel as if the relationship is a confusing place to be over the next few months -- you're both yearning for more freedom at the same time as wanting a solid connection and commitment with each other, and that could make for some bewildering experiences. The best thing to do is to proceed slowly, and don't make any sudden decisions.

You may be feeling optimistic about your future together, but cautious about taking that next step; if so, that's a good thing. Cautiousness can't hurt now, unless, of course, you allow it to rule your every move. It's okay to be at least a little bit spontaneous! But even spontaneity could be difficult, because you're both feeling less confident than usual. Where are things going, really? Has this turned out to be the relationship you thought it could be? These are the kinds of questions and issues that could crop up for you now. Also, you may have these conflicting feelings about some other project or endeavor you're pursuing together. In all these cases and possibilities, it's best to move forward at a pace you're both comfortable with, and wait for your confidence to return.

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