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Jupiter opposite Pluto

Use Your Resources Well

Kelli Fox

A troublesome power dynamic could rear its ugly head during the next few months, making your efforts and ambitions harder than it seems like they should be. Maybe you've been courting a VIP whom you very much want on your side in some important endeavor, or maybe it's something more incidental, like a speeding ticket on your way to the movies. Whatever it is, you're not dealing well with authority at the moment, and you're likely to tick that person off if you're not careful.

Word to the wise: Especially under the current energy, don't try to talk your way out of speeding tickets, and definitely don't get aggressive with those in power -- even if it's just a restaurant host who's making you wait a little too long for your table. Getting arrogant and self-righteous is only going to turn them against you. If you notice a trend over the next few months -- that you're seemingly blocked at every step, no matter how cooperative and conciliatory you think you're being -- take it as a sign that you need to rethink your approach. You do have a lot of resources at your disposal when you work as a team, including power; but make sure you're using those resources well.

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